River Ouse Walk in York

During the 2020 lockdown I took a River Ouse walk in York almost local to where I live. Granted, you immediately think it would be mundane to create a video of your own doorstep, but in actual fact this walk is both scenic and historic. There are some additional walks in the York area you can find here.

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What Most Viewers Would not Have Known

River Ouse Walk in York

After watching the video (Best North Yorkshire Walks – York River Ouse Walk), most viewers will not be aware that on the same day I was filming some student accommodation the same day. I took the footage of the walk between two properties that I was filming for someone else who I created a website for back in 2004. Therefore, I had a couple of hours to film this walk and include all the interesting historical bridges and other structures en-route.

Barker Tower in York
The near cone shaped Barker Tower with Lendal Tower on the opposite bank

Another point that most viewers wouldn’t know is that I wanted to film this walk back in 2019, but I postponed it because of the sad loss of life in the Ouse at that time. Therefore it seemed inappropriate to cover this walk in the wake of what had occurred. Of course, when committing to a video like this, a risk assessment is necessary and I always prepare some safety advice to benefit the viewers. It would be reckless not to.

Where to Begin this Ouse Walk?

River Ouse Walk in York

Of course, as the walk is circular I could have started filming this walk anywhere en-route. The reason I began at the Millennium Bridge was for a couple of reasons. The first was because the last property I had shot was in the Bishopthorpe Road area therefore it was nearby. Additionally, some work was being carried out near the convergence of the River Foss with the River Ouse so this section of the walk I decided to omit. Therefore, I decided to cut the walk short and finished at the Museum Gardens and Lendal Bridge. Thirdly, this green area with seating seemed to be a great place to rendezvous with family and friends at this point of the lockdown.

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Interesting Features Along this Walk

River Ouse Walk in York

It comes as no surprise that this walk being situated in York is going to have some historical value. Granted we don’t walk right up to the walls of the Minster here, but we do encounter a great deal of York’s historical riverside structures. The bridges of course began at the Millennium Bridge (not that historic I know), and moving onwards to Skeldergate Bridge, Ouse Bridge, Lendal Bridge, Scarborough Bridge and Clifton Bridge. The history doesn’t end here because you have Rowntree Park to consider along with The Guildhall, Barker and Lendal Towers, St Peter’s School and more. Most of the walks I have created a video about have largely pertained to scenery. Today it was mostly associated with history.

Millennium Bridge in York
The not so historic Millennium Bridge

Another feature to this walk is the large green space with accompanying willow trees between Scarborough Bridge and Lendal Bridge that follows the East Coast Mainline. At this point, you forget that you are situated in one of England’s historic cities and it feels more like a stroll in the countryside.

Watch the Video for River Ouse Walk in York

River Ouse Walk in York

You can watch the video I created for ‘Best North Yorkshire Walks – York River Ouse Walk’ below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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