Malton an Undeniable Market Town

Being brought up in the Howardian Hill’s, Malton an undeniable market town, often featured in my formative years. For the first seven years of my life I lived in Hovingham, and Malton and Helmsley were just a stone’s throw by car. I remember our weekly food shopping at what was Jackson’s that is now a Sainsbury’s store. I remember perusing Yates and Son’s (especially the model tractors downstairs and other farm machinery) as well as the full scale models across the road outside of which site is now a garden centre. Malton, North Yorkshire has changed a great deal over the years, but at its core, it is still an exemplary market town that is food focused in a rural community.

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A stall featured at the Malton Food Lovers Festival in 2019

The Malton Market Place

Malton an Undeniable Market Town

Over recent years, Malton’s emphasis has been focused upon its strong relationship with food. I say recent years, but as a market town, it stands to reason that it has always been food focused. Local farmers and other food producers would trade their goods here, and this enduring theme has stuck with Malton to this very day.

However, even more emphasis has been given owing to Malton’s Food Lovers Festival, a must for everyone to attend on a yearly basis. I had hoped to cover the food lovers festival in 2020 if there hadn’t of been a pandemic. Still, the town has regular market days and there are certainly plenty of food related traders throughout the town.

The town hall which originally was a place to sell butter. Today the lower floor is an eatery.

I was thrilled to produce a video in 2019 for Places to Visit in North Yorkshire featuring this stunning and very Yorkshire, very English, market town. It seemed appropriate to begin the video in the market place being the focal point of the town. Under the shadows of the church and town hall (which incidentally was originally a place to sell butter), the market stalls and retailers sit in a large oval facing each other. It’s being in that circle that provides a warm embrace for the local residents and visitors to enjoy and feel they are somewhere special. It isn’t just about retailing food, it’s also about community. Eating places and public houses adorn Malton to testify to this.

Malton’s High Street

Malton an Undeniable Market Town

Do not believe for a moment that the market place is the only attraction to Malton. The high street promises some retail therapy too albeit very rurally focused. You can expect to find major banks, retailers as well as popular bakeries. I always enjoy a visit to Yorkshire Trading when I visit which is a department store which have stores throughout the county.

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The high street that has road links to the market place is known as Wheelgate which is part of the B1257 to Stokesley via Helmsley and of course Hovingham too.

The Castle Area in Malton

Malton an Undeniable Market Town

You’ll find the fantastic castle area (which was known as Orchard Fields) towards the Old Lodge Hotel which is a former Tudor mansion from the time of Elizabeth I. The castle is sadly long gone but you can admire the Castle Gardens situated behind the lodge and the large green expanse heading towards Old Malton. This was the site of a Roman Fortress too and is an area of archaeological importance. The Romans built a fortress here because of its cliffs above the River Derwent.

The Old Lodge which was formerly a Tudor mansion. Today it serves as a place to stay.

My Visit to Malton North Yorkshire

Malton an Undeniable Market Town

Well, of course, coming from this area I visit Malton quite frequently but it was great fun to document the town as well as neighbouring Norton on Derwent and Old Malton in video. I love having a wander around the market place as well as a perusal in R Yates and Son’s. Certainly, have a visit to Malton and even enjoy the market and the many retailers. However, goes without saying I know, but stick to the social distancing rules and wear a face covering.

Places to Visit in North Yorkshire Malton Episode

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