Phill James Broadcasting & Coronavirus

Of course, it goes without saying that the Coronavirus has been an unexpected feature to 2020. It has had an impact on everyone in one way or another, and the same applies for my plans too.

This year I expected to expand the collection of Places to Visit in North Yorkshire and Best North Yorkshire Walks video series. Instead, travel has been restrictive, lockdown has generated busier beauty spots and places of interest in North Yorkshire making it almost impossible to shoot in film and photography. I had hoped to provide some reportage videos on events around the county as well as produce a feature length movie.

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Sadly, plans to expand both series and engage in other projects have been put on hold until 2021 owing to the effects of the pandemic. Travelling around a very busy North Yorkshire at the moment would be dangerous to others, myself and my family. Unfortunately, not everyone uses common sense and fails to practice social distancing measures which has put me in the difficult position to postpone until next year.

If you are planning to visit North Yorkshire this year, please do so carefully. North Yorkshire is open again to visitors but please keep some PPE with you to wear in public spaces indoors and outdoors in busy areas. Wash your hands regularly with soap or sanitiser gel. Respect other people and try your best to keep 2 metres away from them when possible.

Many thanks!

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