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Key Camera Skills

Discovering North Yorkshire through Photography and Video

Possessing Key Camera Skills is necessary if you are to leave the automatic settings on your camera. This may seem somewhat daunting to some, but in actual fact it is generally straight forward and common sense. The key is to allow yourself time to get experienced with your camera so that you can understand photography better.

As mentioned, we are close to Thornton le Dale and we are walking upon some dedicated footpaths towards Low Dalby, taking us through the hamlet of Ellerburn. If you would like to visit this area for taking some stunning North Yorkshire scenes, there is a caravan and camping site in Ellerburn as well as a stylish and recently built Shepherd Hut at Gumboots and Wellingtons.

The valley is particularly scenic and is situated at the most southern side of the North York Moors National Park. Ellerburn Road is also popular with cyclists as an attractive route to Low Dalby and Dalby Forest. The road however, is not a main motor vehicle route to Dalby so it is largely traffic free. For more information about Thornton, Ellerburn and Dalby Forest please click here.

Key Camera Skills: A duck poses at Ellerburn, North Yorkshire

As far as wildlife is concerned, you may encounter creatures such as red squirrel, fox, badger, stoat, roe deer, kingfisher, grey wagtail, nuthatch and certainly duck and pheasant. Back in 2017 I witnessed an albino roe deer on two separate occasions but sadly haven’t seen it since.

In this vlog we are particularly going to pay attention to shutter speed, aperture value, colour, sharpness, image quality settings as well as a brief word about using RAW and Jpeg files.

Safety Advice for Photography Students

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the time of year and the terrain you are visiting
  • Bring a drink and some food with you
  • Having apps such as What Three Words and a First Aid app installed is strongly recommended
  • Leave a Zero Footprint. In other words leave everything as you found it
  • Respect private property
  • Always close gates behind you and keep dogs on a lead where livestock are present
  • In the North York Moors in summer especially, check yourself for ticks and also be mindful of adders

Key Camera Skills

Camera Shutter Settings

Aperture Value and Depth of Field

Image Quality Settings

Mastering Colour Settings

Photo Sharpness